Video Viral

By Tui Benjamin 

A travelling couple have gone viral after they made a hilarious video teaching ‘disgusting’ campers and backpackers how to POO in the Australian outback.

Social worker Christine Riches, 37, and teacher husband Andrew Murton, from Brisbane, were horrified to discover piles of human faeces and soiled toilet paper at nearly every free camping site they arrived at during their six-month tour of northern Australia.

So mum-of-two Christine enlisted the help of Andrew, 38, to film a tongue-in-cheek explainer on how to properly dispose of poo when no toilets are available – and their resulting #dontsh*tonaustralia campaign has now racked up thousands of fans.

Pic From Caters News 

Christine, whose children are aged seven and five, said: “While travelling we started to notice in the bush camps people leave poo everywhere – it is just rank.

“We would stop at rest stops to have our lunch and there would be a fresh poo there with a load of toilet roll next to it.

“You roll up to these beautiful free camps and think ‘wow, this is amazing’ and then see there is a pile of pooey toilet paper sitting there – you don’t want your kids going near that.

“It is just disgusting – it puts you off your lunch.

“A lot of people think it will just degrade away but in the arid parts of Australia it doesn’t. I don’t think there’s malice behind it, it is just a lack of knowledge.

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“We’d camped a lot but hadn’t done a lot of bush camping before and we were amazed at what people thought was ok. People just do not realise.”

Christine, Andrew and their two children are currently travelling around the top half of Australia during six months of long service leave from their jobs.

They initially filmed the video – which has since racked up more than 131,000 views on social media – as a joke to share with their friends.

In the video, Christine explains a step by step process of how to have a ‘bush poo’ while Andrew demonstrates the stages in the background.

This involves digging a hole before defecating into it and then putting the toilet paper in the hole and setting it alight.

But Christine said in areas with total fire bans travellers should not burn the toilet paper but instead dig a deeper hole to avoid bush fires.

She captioned her footage with the hashtag #don’tsh*tonaustralia and said she hoped the light-hearted stunt would help get the message across.

Christine said: “It would be good if people knew the proper way to dispose of their waste because a lot of people travelling round probably do not know.

“You would think it wouldn’t be a problem but in the summer months there are tens of thousands of people on the roads driving around and travelling so it does become an issue.

“People should be looking after their own waste in the correct way, because if people foul up free camps they do get shut down – it is a hygiene issue.”