Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

An unconventional teacher took to rap to educate his students in American history.

David Yancey, 32, left his classroom temporarily speechless when he started rapping during a lesson before pupils joined in.

David who teaches at Edwards Middle School in Conyers near Atlanta in Georgia, USA remixed Migos’ hit song Bad and Boojee with his own lyrics about the state’s involvement in the civil war.

PIC FROM Caters News 

The teacher said: “I made a rap as a culminating activity for our study of the civil war. I like participation in my raps so I put up the lyrics to the hook on the board so the kids can sing along.

“This is not really my teaching style, I try to be unpredictable in the classroom. If students think that I will always do a certain something it will dampen the effect of it.

“Also if I rapped everyday then my students who don’t like rap would have zoned out. My teaching style focuses primarily on rapport and engagement.

“My students know that in order to get what is being studied, then they have to immerse themselves in it.”

PIC FROM Caters News 

“I am harnessing my inner Abe Lincoln while I dissect the different facets of the civil war. Every word in this rap is content that we talked about in class.

“I teach 8th grade social studies in Georgia so there are some distinctively “Georgia” elements in the song.

“I talk about every major conflict from Fort Sumter to Antietam to Gettysburg to the Appomattox.

“Students are really engaged when they see me break my comfort zone. Students will open up when they see that you open up.

“It is shocking what students will willingly do when they see that you care about them.”