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art critic

By Jack Williams

This adorable dog is her artist owner’s harshest critic, giving her master’s works serious PAWS for though by staring at them for ages at a time.

Ella Fitzgerald, a six-year-old golden retriever, looks longingly into her owner Julia S. Powell’s paintings – often snootily turning her head to the camera before returning to analyze each painting.


Ella’s antics have seen her receive a number of heart-warming messages on Julia’s Instagram account, and she has even gone as far as to don a hat, glasses and a scarf while looking at the works.

The lovable pup has spent up to two minutes at a time without breaking her gaze, Julia, who live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, said.

Julia noticed Ella’s unique interest in her works when she recently returned from a two-week visit to Japan – the longest the pair had been apart.

Having discovered Ella looking at her paintings, Julia then decided to film the amusing actions of her pet and share them on Instagram.

Over time, Julia has noticed Ella’s tastes: She doesn’t like paintings of trees, or those where orange or red is the main colour.


Julia has also learned from a dog behaviour specialist that the animals can recognize yellow and blue, which is seemingly Ella’s favourite colour.

Though the English cream coloured dog has on one occasion barked at her work, Julia is unsure whether that was a seal of approval or not.

Going forward, Julia plans to continue putting up “Ella Chronicles” posts on her Instagram account, and though she admits she has not received any sales from Ella’s popularity, the messages she has been sent via email and social media have been very uplifting, she said.


Julia, who has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, said: “The funniest is when she turns toward me with this really aristocratic look on her face and then she turns back to the painting – she looks like a snobby art critic!

“People have loved it.


“I think that life in the US is pretty stressful for a lot of people and there’s a fair amount of uncertainty right now.

“This is a feel-good story about a sweet dog who seemingly inexplicably starting looking at her owner’s art – so it’s something everyone can get behind.”