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By Ben Walley

Watch the hilarious moment a big sister receive the ultimate surprise visit from her younger sibling.

Sisters Ola Cooke, 38, and Ala Szulakowska, 32, had not seen each other for over a year after Ola moved from Poland to Florida, USA.

PIC FROM Caters News

Despite insisting that she couldn’t visit her sister, Ala, who remained in Poland, decided to plan a surprise visit.

After seeing her sister walk through the door, Ola stands still in shock before screaming and running to embrace her younger sibling.

Ola’s husband, Chad, 40, was in on the surprise and caught the special reunion on camera.

After spending two weeks together, Ala returned home and Ola is now planning her very own pay-back surprise.

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Chad said: “I knew about the surprise visit for over a month.

“In April my wife mentioned to me that she really missed her sister and would love for her to visit.

“We went to visit her family in Poland last summer but hadn’t seen them since.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“Ala is getting married soon and plans to start a family and so my wife didn’t think that she would have the chance to come for a while.

“Ola asked if she could visit but Ala insisted that because of her work schedule she wouldn’t be able to come.

“Ola was gutted but of course said that she understood and so wasn’t expecting anything at all.

“She had no idea and was genuinely surprised.”