Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment a teenager finally realises ‘colour is beautiful’ as he witnesses the world properly for the first time, thanks to a pair of ground-breaking glasses.

After spending his whole life unable to witness the world in all its glory because of red-green colour-blindness, Tyler Gore is unaware of the sights that await him for the very first time.

Tyler proclaims, ‘oh my god’ as he places his sample pair of Enchroma glasses on his face to an instant effect, with sister, Kaylee’s aluminous green shirt now ‘blinding’ Tyler, opposed to the drab shade of brown it once appeared to be.

Physically rocking back and forth in disbelief, the excitable teenager just can’t believe ‘how bright’ everything is, particularly the various shades of green and pink on the wildlife surrounding the outside of the car.

Tyler, a high-school student from Edmond, Oklahoma, USA said: “It’s only now I realise that colour is beautiful.

“These glasses have given me a new-found appreciation of the world around me.

“Seeing the true colour of red and green for the first time, instead of grey and brown was truly awesome.

“Before when I would look at them I’d only see shades of brown and tan.

“I tried on these glasses for a trial to see if they would work, and after filming the video my Dad went in and bought me a pair.

“I’m so excited for them to arrive.

“I used to want to be a pilot in the Air Force, but found out I couldn’t because of my colour-blindess.

“These glasses have given me a chance, and hopefully the technology progresses enough to make my dream a reality.”