Offbeat Video

By Marina Chaker

Two paramedic parents have videoed the moment they dangled their son upside down in his car seat in a bid to save lives.

Krystal Kleidon, 30, from Dalby, Brisbane Australia, and her paramedic husband, Steve, 38, can be seen tipping son Alexander, face down above the floor to demonstrate how tight children’s car seat belts should be.

The paramedics shared the video footage in a bid to show other parents how tight their seat belts need to be in order to secure a child in place.

The couple, who have both attended numerous horror car crashes, know that the chances of survival are slim if car seats are not used properly.


The original photo was shared 30,000 times on social media which prompted a video response – with Krystal claiming Alexander loved being the dummy and found it hilarious.

Krystal aims to teach parents that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy car seats but it is essential that they are used correctly.

She said: “You should be able to turn your child over without them slipping out of the car seat because that’s what happens in car accidents.

“Almost every crash I’ve attended as a paramedic the child survives because their car seat is holding them in.

“Without the cars eat being fastened properly, the child has a higher risk of being killed.

“If you don’t want to strap them in too tight because you don’t want to hurt them there are tips and tricks online on how to know how tight your child’s car seat should be.”

Krystal has had positive feedback from other mums and is happy that she can encourage parents to check their kid’s car seats.

She added: “I’ve had a lot of positive comments and some mums are even saying that because of me they are checking their child’s car seats.

“I’d never recommend for people to actually turn their child over in a car seat, but it’s just about asking the question of ‘if I was in a car accident and my car rolls, would my child stay in their car seat?’

“There’s a lot of factors that go hand in hand with car safety but if you’re not strapped in properly regardless of how expensive it was, the car seat isn’t going to do its job.”

Krystal also started her own website, Project Hot Mess, in June which is aimed towards mothers and gives them life and parenting advice.

Krystal’s goal is to advise parents and spread the message that mums don’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to spend money on expensive things for them to work well.

She said: “Project Hot Mess is to remind women that they don’t have to be perfect and the best at everything. It’s fine to be a ‘hot mess.’

“You don’t have to try so hard and it’s about giving women and mothers the confidence to be who they are.”

“There are so many mum groups that tear women down because they don’t have this or that.”

“I aim to demonstrate the highs and lows of motherhood, I even posted a photo of my own skin cancer battle.”

Krystal has urged parents to contact their car seat manufacturer if they are unsure of how to use it.

She added: “The manufactures are going to be the experts on your car seat, they can tell you how tight to pull the straps and different methods to keep your kids in the seats.”