Video Viral

By David Aspinall

Talk about having to keep your cool, this is the bizarre moment a daredevil repairman uses his customer as a counterweight to dangle out of an eleventh storey window and fix his air con.

Having checked the length of his harness, the maintenance man leaps on to the precariously skinny window ledge of the apartment in Old Town Shanghai, China, to check his best route.

After wrapping the bright orange rope around the American ex-apt who runs Shanghai Observed, the resourceful fixer then ties one end of the binds to a curtain rail.

Finally clambering out of the tight window, the repairman lowers out of sight of the ledge while we are treated to just how dizzyingly high up the flat is with views of the traffic and pedestrians looking tiny below.

The flat owner said: “When he told me the plan, my first thought was ‘whoa, this is crazy’.

“After that I realised he must have done this before to suggest it so didn’t feel too much pressure.

“My apartment is 11 storeys up so it’s quite high but I did feel pretty confident in him.

“All in all, he was attached to me for 15 minutes while he scaled outside my window and fixed the AC.

“About seven minutes into it I realised if I continued filming I would not be able to get my feet placed properly to grip the wall to stop me from flying into the window if he fell.”