An amateur photographer has spent the last four years scouring Italy for its most remarkable abandoned buildings.

Roman Robroek, 30, has taken these eerie shots from deserted castles and churches up and down Italy on holidays from his home in the Netherlands.

Manager at an ICT service provider, Roman has explored the Mediterranean country for spectacular architecture which has been left to rot.

Roman said: "In these photos I've tried to capture the beauty and the architecture of abandoned places in Italy.

"Places like these can be very old carrying lots of history with them, and often a lot of craftsmanship was involved into constructing or decorating the building.

"A lot of the buildings that I've seen in Italy have been decorated with beautiful paintings, drawings or fresco's, it's stunning to see their level of detail and quality especially in an abandoned buildings.

"It just amazes me every time and I can't get enough of seeing them, even after photographing abandoned buildings in Italy for over four years because every one is different.

The gallery includes: A typical old Italian car standing in a garage in an extremely good condition; an abandoned castle; a few beautiful abandonedchurches; and a large wine cellar with huge wine barrels in them.

Roman said: "The photo of the abandoned house where I'm standing on the balcony, overlooking the beautiful Italian landscape, is my personal favourite."