Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This is the hilarious moment an adoption surprise goes horribly wrong after a stepfather rejects his long-term stepdaughter’s proposition to adopt her.

Taking inspiration from the ‘adoption surprise’ videos, Monica Amaro, from San Antonio, Texas, USA, thought she’d try her hand in seeing how her stepdad, Jose Sandoval, would react.

Speaking in Spanish, Monica says ‘if I were to ask you if you would adopt me as your daughter, would you do it?’ in the hope to make their bond legally recognised.

However, not all goes to plan, as without a moment of hesitation joker Jose responds ‘no’, causing an eruption of laughter to break out around him, much to the dismay of Monica.

Monica said: “I’d seen a video on my phone of a girl asking her step-dad to adopt her and it was so beautiful and emotional.

“I said to my Mum that I was going to ask Jose as I was sure he was going to say yes.

“I couldn’t have been more wrong, he didn’t even hesitate to reject me.

“I filmed him in the hope it would be emotional, but it ended up just being hilarious.

“My mum and sister-in-law found it so funny, they were laughing at the unimpressed expression on my face.

“Jose has been a huge part of my life and no my kid’s life, he’s the only grandfather they’ve ever known.

“We all had a good laugh and then he gave me a hug.

“Perhaps I’ll have to ask him in a different way next time.”