Animals Video

By Mikey Jones

This dog likes to feel the heat during playtime – taking part in the ‘floor is lava’ game with her owner.

Pic from Jenisa Myers / Caters News

Four-year-old border collie Blaze appears to be a natural, quickly leaping onto any raised surface he can find when he hears the floor is made of lava.

Video shot by his owner Jenisa Myers shows the clever dog climbing onto tree stumps and fire hydrants whenever she starts the game.

Jenisa, from Brownsville, Texas, said: “My favourite thing about Blaze is that he just loves to be with me and he is always with me. He even comes to work.

“We do almost everything together, and are only apart for a few hours of the day.

“I’ve been teaching him tricks since I brought him home when he was just eight weeks old.

“His first tricks were sit, down, come, hi-five, wave, play dead, spin, and roll over.

“He learned all of those things in just two weeks. Blaze picks things up very quickly because of his breed.

“Border collies are the smartest dog breed in the world.

“The floor is lava trick was not that hard to train.

“I do a lot of ‘barkour’ with him, the dog version of parkour, and have always had him jump on things while we go for a walk.

“I only started saying ‘the floor is lava’ until the trend became popular on the internet.

“Blaze knows lots of other amazing tricks, such as riding a skateboard with two paws, a walking handstand, and jumping up on my feet.

“He was trained using positive methods which means no force was involved. He does it because he wants to.”