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Who said men can’t multitask? 

Shopping centres around the country are offering a shopping revolution for men who would rather be somewhere else.

With the Bro Pro you can let a trained stylist do all the hard work and watch from your phone linked to a GoPro camera strapped to their chest.

Designed to combine the convenience of online shopping with face-to-face interaction, the Bro Pro allows you to guide your personal shopper from the comfort of a pub.

PIC FROM Caters News

Alex Thomas, Hammerson Regional Marketing Manager, said: “With an exciting summer of sport upon us our shoppers have faced the choice between the game or a garment.

“Bro Pro is an innovative and ideal time-saving service, one which I’m sure our savvy male customers will make the most of.”

Reluctant shoppers in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Reading and Southampton have had their prayers answered with the bespoke Bro Pro service.

Men can now multitask by shopping and catching up with the latest sporting action before collecting their new clothes at full time.

The latest service comes after research showed that more men prefer to shop in-store than women due to practicality and brand loyalty.

Hammerson is trialling the Bro Pro across a selection of its shopping centres in the UK, including Bullring, Cabot Circus, Silverburn, The Oracle and Westquay.

The new service, which is currently under beta phase, is designed to make shopping as easy and as least time consuming as possible.