Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the OTTER-ly adorable moment a man proposes to his long-term girlfriend with the help of some furry friends.

After being told by her bosses to go and ‘cover the otters’, journalist Kelly Sommariva was none the wiser when she stepped foot in the Denver Aquarium, USA, that this would be a day she’d never forget.


Unbeknown to Kelly, in the middle of the adorable otter’s enclosure lays a very special message for her, planted there by her boyfriend of three years, Mike Jensen.

Diving down in unison, the remarkable mammals flip over the sign into Kelly’s camera shot, stunning her as she turns around to see Mike kneel down onto one knee.

Raquel Villanueva, Kelly’s co-worker, said: “I felt so overwhelmed with happiness when I saw Kelly read that sign.

“I knew it would be a moment that she could tell people about for years, with the exact same excitement she had that day.


“Kelly has always loved animals, so when Mike sent me a picture of the engagement ring, I put him in touch with the aquarium and he took it from there.

“She was in a state of such happy shock, she kept joking afterwards that she said yes without seeing the ring.

“We always hear the great love stories of our grandparents and it’s nice to know that this will one day be one of those tales.”