Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This is the hilarious moment a deer with its leg trapped in a fence was kindly set free – only for it to run straight back into the same fencing.

The whitetail deer was discovered with its back leg trapped in the wire fencing by good-willed Keith Custer of Amesville, Ohio, USA, who decided he would do his best to help.

With his friend Andrew Sparkman Jr. filming, Keith cut the deer’s rear leg free, but, as the video shows, the startled animal then ran straight back into the fence almost immediately.

After a few seconds struggling with the fencing, the deer then darted off into the wilderness as Andrew’s father chuckled in the background.


The scene unfolded early on June 28, 2017, and Andrew Jr. admits that he only caught the moment by pure chance.

Andrew, 27, who works with Keith as a carpet installer, said: “Very seldom do I find a deer trapped.

“I started filming because I figured people would either find joy from the deer being set free, or running Keith over.

“Either way, I’m glad I filmed it – we all laughed, as well as others who have seen it.”