Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave 

A six-year prank war between two neighbours has reached fever pitch after a dad planted ‘drugs’ in his pal’s handbag and defaced her car – meaning she drove around with an x-rated word on display for SIX WEEKS.

Joker John Janowski has been embroiled in the saga with drinking buddy Rachel Paterson ever since she rearranged his kitchen by turning everything upside down.

John has since got his own back with a number of stitch-ups, culminating in him altering a sign on Rachel’s Honda Jazz car to spell out the word J*ZZ.

Red-faced Rachel admitted that fellow motorists had been given her ‘funny looks’ ever since John carried out his handiwork back in May.


Rachel, a 22-year-old coffee shop supervisor from Mid Calder in West Lothian, Scotland, said: “I was just absolutely mortified when John told me.

“I use my car every day to get to work so hundreds of people have probably been laughing at it.

“There has been a few times over the past few weeks where I’ve been sat at traffic lights and looked in my rear view mirror to see people laughing. I just thought they were laughing at the radio or something else.

“Now I know that they were actually laughing at me and my car. I can’t believe it.

“The worst thing was that I had to go home and tell my mum and dad about it. Telling my dad was horrible but he actually found it quite funny.

“I have a tendency to fall asleep a lot so he often covers me in cling film, I’ve had raw sausages in my shoes, he’s also put salt in bags in my handbag to look like drugs.”

Rachel’s most recent stunt involved attempting to glue dad-of-one John’s hand to a bouncy ball belonging to his daughter, four-year-old Daisy.

Dad-of-one John hit back with the car prank, but owned up after six weeks, saying he ‘couldn’t believe’ Rachel still hadn’t noticed.

John, a 39-year-old warehouse operative, said: “Rachel had left our house after a night in with me, my his wife, Stacey, and my brother-in-law.

“We’d had a few drinks and she’d tried to prank me that night but failed, so when she went home I noticed how easy it was to change the letters around so I had a go.

“I put the video online and I thought Rachel would notice but she didn’t.

“Then I thought when she washed her car she would realise what I’d done, but it got to about six weeks later and I thought ‘I need to tell her, she can’t keep driving around with that on her car’.”

John then recorded the moment he revealed the modification to a suspicious Rachel, who didn’t trust his intentions for filming

John said: “At first when I mentioned pranking she thought I was going to throw water balloons at her or something, that’s why she started screaming, but she took it really well actually. She is always up for a laugh.

“I’d say I’m probably worse for the pranks, purely because of her tendency to fall asleep so often when she’s drunk, so I’ve got an advantage.

“We usually end up back at my house after a night out for a few more drinks but she’s always drifting off.

“With the sausages, she has this great big pair of boots and I had the meat in the fridge. They were going out of date, so I thought I’d stuff them in the bottom.

“She actually put the things on before she even notice. They stank as well.

“The drugs thing was actual a bag of salt, probably about an ounce. I put it in the bag she takes to work and she was carrying it round for days.

“When she spotted it she genuinely thought someone had planted cocaine or something on her. She took it out and was asking what it was was, fretting.

“She wasn’t very pleased but she chuckles about it now, same with the car prank.

“Her family especially think it’s really funny.  I think she’s trying to get me back now. She is definitely scheming, I know she is.”