Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the heart-warming moment a colour blind mum sees her daughter’s ‘beautiful’ blue eyes for the very first time.

At home in Rome, Georgia, USA, Erika Boozer anxiously opens a pair of Enchroma glasses having gone colour blind eight years ago as a result of Macular degeneration of the optic nerve.

Physically shaking, the admittedly nervous 35-year-old places the glasses on her face and is instantly greeted with a dramatic change as the world is once again illuminated with vibrant colour.

Finally, the mother-of-two is overcome with emotions as her two children, Micah and Carmen, ask her what colour their eyes are, leaving Erika in tears as she sees her six-year-old daughter’s ‘beautiful’ blue eyes for the very first time.

Chasidy Perkins, Erika’s sister, said: “After her being colour blind for the last eight years, it was amazing to see Erika picking out greens, blues and yellows again.


“We’re a very close family so we all shared her emotions and still cry looking back at the video even now.

“She can dress Carmen now, picking outfits all by herself without any help from anyone else.

“I entered a contest and managed to win the glasses.

“I was so excited when I did because I knew they would mean so much to Erika, and I was definitely right.”