Life Video

By Katy Gill

This really is a meeting of a lifetime.

A heart-warming video shows the beautiful scene as a birth mother and her daughter finally get to see each other.

As pharmacy technician Lisa Griggs, 30, descends the escalator she lets out a cry and starts laughing as she spots Elizabeth Rivera, 55, waiting for her at the bottom.

The mum and daughter embrace repeatedly and continue to laugh.

The two had their emotional meeting on June 27, with Lisa flying in from Wewoka, Oklahoma and her mother from Post Falls, Idaho.

Lisa, who had long been searching for her mum, said: “The meeting made me feel very nervous at first. It was almost like being a stranger invading their lives.

“But it became clear very quickly that I did come from this family and I do belong.

“We are so alike in some ways it’s scary. It has made me feel more complete and content in life.

“I was honest and up front from the beginning about meeting my birth family, so my friends and family knew about it from the start.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“It is sweet and gracious how they have had nothing but positive things to say.

“It’s also received a really positive reaction online. I think it’s heart-warming for people to see.”

Lisa was always aware that she was adopted as she was growing up.

She had tried a couple of times to make contact with her birth mother, but it was only after having children of her own that her search began in earnest.

She said: “I knew I was adopted growing up. My entire adoptive family is African-American.

“But they could not tell me much about my biological family.

“I had tried to look a few times but I had no clue where to search.

“It started bugging me more recently about who I really was, and what disease may run in my family as I now have kids of my own.”

Lisa eventually turned to Facebook and posted a message in an adoption group asking for advice.

She was told to seek non-identifying information from her adoption state.

From there the quest to meet her mother snowballed.

Lisa said: “I got a call a couple of months later from my case worker who gave me some information, such as how many siblings I had. They started working to locate my birth mother.

“About two weeks later I got a call to say they had round her and that she was clean and sober and had been for years.

“She was anxious and excited to meet me.

“When she first called me I was so nervous I did not answer. However, I called her back and we chatted for a few hours. Then she sent me my siblings’ numbers and I added them on Facebook.”