By Chris Adams

Hilarious CCTV footage caught the moment a bar manager unwittingly pulled a stool away from underneath a customer as he went to sit down – causing him to crash to the floor like Del Boy in one of Only Fools and Horses’ most famous scenes.

Darren Dawson was clearing chairs in The Mad Scientist in Workington, Cumbria, when he accidentally played the prank on the punter.

Darren swiped the stool away at the precise moment the man went to sit down, prompting him to hit the deck and then bounce back up almost immediately with a menacing look on his face.

The episode – reminiscent of when David Jason’s much-loved Del Boy character falls through an open bartop – was captured on the venue’s CCTV.

Darren, 36, said: “He thought I’d done it on purpose at first and he was fuming. I was only doing my job.


“The guy was waiting at one of the tables while he waited for his partner to come back from the toilet.

“I was just going about my business and trying to make the place look a bit neater. We had a big group of people near the bar so I was just having a bit of a tidy.

“I know the guy  quite well and was actually chatting to him just before it happened while I was collecting some glasses.

“I didn’t realise at all that he was going to sit down and I’ve just grabbed the chair without checking and – bang – down he went.

“He bounced back up like a ball and he didn’t look to happy. He’s a bit bigger than I am so when he was stood over me at first it was quite menacing.

“I just said: ‘Look mate, I didn’t realise you were going to sit down’ and then he calmed down and we had a good laugh about it.”


The punter hit the ground with such force that his partner’s handbag can be seen falling off the table as a result.

Another group of revellers gathered at the bar turned around in shock as the man floored it and Darren attempted to smooth things over.

Darren, who opened the bar last August, said: “I was busy working so I didn’t even thing to watch it back until a couple of days later.

“People were coming up to the bar saying ‘he’s raging’ but he cooled off after a couple of minutes. He knows I didn’t do it on purpose.

“His girlfriend probably wondered what was going on while she was gone.

“Loads of people have said it’s like that famous scene in Only Fools and Horses. It’s a classic. I’ll take that comparison.”