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Adorable footage from Belleview, Florida, has captured the moment a bulldog dad finds the perfect spot to catch a much needed break from his NINE puppies.

Jenny Chamberlin shot the video when she noticed the rambunctious pups were in the mood for play.

“We have 2 English bulldogs, Fiona (mom) and Sir Spanky (dad) and their nine puppies,” says Jenny.


Sir Spanky (seen in the video) is generally well spirited, but is sometimes overwhelmed when all nine of his puppies want to play.

“Sir Spanky is a playful 2yr old- he loves to play and never gets mad.”

The puppies were approximately eight weeks old at the time this video was shot.

“He loves his puppies and playing with them but only a few at a time – all nine at once are too much for him to handle.”


The video begins when Spanky mistakenly runs into the gang of puppies and quickly turns around in search of safety from the attentions seekers.

“Spanky ran into the crowd of his puppies and was overwhelmed by the excitement of them wanting to play.”

Spanky first tries to seek refuge under the table, but quickly realizes the puppies are still hot on his tail.

That is when Spanky makes a dart for the couch.

“He tried running away and then found safety on the sofa where the pups couldn’t get up.”

Spanky then watches on as his pups struggle to mount the couch.

“He watched them and waited for them to lose interest and disperse.”

Adorable squeaks and squeals can be heard as the puppies come to the harsh realization that they are not quite big enough to hop up onto the couch.