By Jos Weale

A riled mum has defended her baby boy’s 10-centimetre locks – claiming she is ‘sick’ of strangers telling her he looks like a girl and should ‘get his hair cut.’

Zoe Keers says nine-month-old Conner Holmes’ flowing tresses that fall down past his shoulders mean he is regularly mistaken for a girl when he’s out in public.


And to add insult to injury, the 23-year-old mum says passers-by often feel the need to point out to her that they think her little boy needs a trip to the hairdressers.

However Zoe is adamant she should be able to have Conner’s hair however she likes and that he sported an impressive mane that was even visible on scans before his birth on September 24 2016.

Zoe, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, said: “Lots of people come up to him in the street and will make comments like, ‘Is it time for a haircut?’

“There was a time when a woman came up to us, and when I told her he was a boy she said, ‘Why on earth would you want him to have long hair?’

“I felt a bit upset about it. I just don’t think people should have the right to comment on my child.

“He’s my baby, it’s up to me when he gets his hair cut. It’s got nothing to do with them.”


Zoe says her baby son’s hair has grown so fast that she has in fact already attempted a trip to the barbers with her little one when he was just five months old.

But she says the result put her off from taking him again any time soon.

Zoe, who works in a restaurant, said: “He’s already had a trip to the hairdresser at five months old. I took him to the barbers to get his hair trimmed.

“We just had to keep him in his pram to do it. But they just messed it up because he couldn’t keep still. I didn’t like it.”

When it comes to Conner being mistaken for a girl on the street, the young mum says she does not understand why people care so much about how a baby looks.


Zoe, said: “I didn’t ask him to have long hair, he was just born with loads of it.

“They could already see the hair on the baby scan before he was born. It’s not like I’m forcing him to have it long.

“My mum told me when I was born I had loads of hair too.

“I don’t do anything to his hair, it just grows that way. It’s not that I want him to have long hair to look a certain way. He’s just a baby, that’s all.”

And for now, Zoe says her little boy loves the preening involved when it comes to having long hair, and particularly enjoys having his tresses brushed.

Zoe said: “He’s really good, he loves having it washed and brushed. He gets it blow-dried sometimes, but I normally leave it to dry. I use a leave-in conditioner.

“I’m going to try and get it cut when he’s about one maybe. When I decide to. But our family love it, and lots of people love it.”