By Luke Johnston 

A wildlife photographer spotted Mare-hammad Ali in the wild.

Two male horses were involved in a vicious bout over a group of females, with the challenger quickly vanquished.

Pic from Caters News / Duane Johnson 

The stallions square off with each other before rearing onto their hind legs and lashing out with ‘punches’.

The black horse manages to leap higher than his opponent, allowing him to score better blows against his opponent.

The grey stallion then lands awkwardly as a white female looks on.

Pic from Caters News / Duane Johnson

The photographs were taken in the Sand Wash Basin in north western Colorado by aerospace company engineer Duane Johnson.

The 52-year-old said: “Seeing this fight really got my adrenalin going. I felt really blessed to witness such a moment.

“I had trekked to this location specifically to photography the wild horses.

Pic from Caters News / Duane Johnson 

“I stayed off the beaten track and found a location that no one else was visiting. I was the only person to witness this moment.

“The two stallions were fighting over the ladies. The silver horse appeared to be an interloper and the black stallion took exception to that.

“This was not horse play. You could tell they were truly battling.

Pic from Caters News / Duane Johnson 

“At one moment I managed to capture the black stallion leaping into the air and baying with its mouth open, which captures the true emotion of the moment.”