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By Marina Chaker

This unlikely cat and parrot pairing are best buddies with the bird now obsessed with calling out her feline friends name EVERY DAY.

Domestic cat Millie, five, and three-year-old Quaker parrot Jessie got along instantly and have formed a tight bond over the past three years.

PIC FROM Caters News

In hilarious footage, Jessie can be seen calling Millie over and over again while the less-than-impressed black and white cat looks around in confusion before eventually attempting to whack Jessie with her paw.

Fiona, 49, from Melbourne, Victoria, initially thought she would have to keep her pets separate and was thrilled when they became an inseparable duo as soon as they met.

PIC FROM Caters News

Animal talent agent Fiona said: I thought Id always have to keep Millie separate from Jessie, they get along really well, I think it was the way I introduced them to each other

I let them sniff each other first and gently rubbed their noses together just to get used to each other and to know its safe. They are never left unsupervised though.

Jessies smarter than any cat or dog Ive ever met, shes like a little person.  Jessie tends to repeat Millie over and over.

If the doorbell rings, Ill say hi and Jessie says, come in and if my friends are leaving Jessie says, take care, bye.

Fiona worked in hotel management until she launched her business in 2006,  Animal Extras Talent Agency, which originally  began as a dog walking business.

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The animal talent agent loved animals from a young age and saw an opportunity to work with them when she was walking a production manager clients dog and the client suggested Fiona move into animal talent, as she had so many dogs as clients.

 She said as soon as she brought Jessie home in 2014 Millie, who she has owned since 2011, was fascinated.

PIC FROM Caters News

Jessie, who can put whole sentences together, loves to chatter and call her feline friend.

Fiona added: Jessie and Millie love to play fight, but theyve never had a serious fight”.

Millie loves cuddles and smooches, she purrs a lot. Jessie loves preening Millie but I dont think she knew how hard she was pecking at her, so Millie got sick of that after a while.”