Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This baffled dachshund doesn’t understand his own reflection leading to an adorable standoff.

After catching a glimpse of the ‘intruder’ in a mirror, little Lenny sets out to reaffirm his status as top dog at home in Victoria, Australia.

Despite moving backwards and forwards and side to side, the one-year-old pooch can’t shake off his doggy doppelganger so pounces at the glass.

Clearly not backing down, Lenny moves to the edge of the mirror before notice his reflection disappear behind, leaving him even more confused when the second dog can no longer be found.


Owner Carly Wood said: “I can’t help laugh when Lenny does this.

“Even after almost a year of seeing his own reflection, he hasn’t worked out it isn’t another dog.

“It’s become a daily occurrence and he’ll play with his “invisible friend” for ages until a noise or movement distracts him.

“I wonder if he thinks his reflection is his brother Barry as they are almost identical and they have met a few times since we brought the pups home.

“As soon as he catches his reflection he tries to pounce and bat at it.

“Sometimes he will give me a real fright because he’ll start barking out of nowhere.

“I hope he never grows out of it.”