Nature Video

By Mike Jones 

Mike Olbinski, 42, captured the stunning multicolored scenes whilst storm chasing with a group of friends northeast of Bismarck, North Dakota.

The cloud formation, otherwise known as undulatus asperatus clouds, are a rare phenomenon and are in fact the newest named cloud type in over 60 years.

PIC FROM Mike Olbinski / Caters News

Due to the incredible spectrum of colours, it is hard to believe that the magical time lapse is real and Mike says it is his best to date.

Mike from Arizona, USA, said: “This was undoubtedly one of the most incredible scenes I’ve witnessed since I began chasing storms eight years ago.

PIC FROM Mike Olbinski / Caters News

“All spring I chase storms across the United States to collect footage of supercells, lightning, tornadoes and whatever I might find.

“Generally I don’t release any time-lapse clips from those chases until I put out my final end of season compilation film.

“But this footage in North Dakota was too unreal to let sit on my hard drive for months.

PIC FROM Mike Olbinski / Caters News

“But we had no idea what we were about to encounter.

“The clouds were taking on a very different, curvy, wave-like appearance and suddenly we knew what we were seeing.

PIC FROM Mike Olbinski / Caters News

“I’ve seen tons of photos of undulatus asperatus clouds but never anything like what we witnessed with our own eyes.

“We had a storm with hail in front of us and flashing lightning which was fantastic, but then we had this layer of undulatus clouds flowing across our view.

PIC FROM Mike Olbinski / Caters News

“Watching them was amazing already, but then the sun slowly appeared from behind some clouds to the west and lit up our storm like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

“We were like kids in a candy shop, running around, doing our best to capture it from every possible angle.”