By Jamie Smith

These cute little meerkats can be seen lovingly falling into one another’s arms.

Pic by Wessel Du Plessis/Caters News

Under the watchful eye of mum and dad, the youngsters take time out of running around to appreciate each others company – embracing each other in a big hug.

The twosome were caught being mischievous in their natural habitat, before turning cute in front of the camera.

Wessel Du Plessis captured this adorable moment when he was visiting Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa.

Pic by Wessel Du Plessis/Caters News

Wessel, 55, said: “During the late afternoon and early mornings the families gather around their burrows.

“The parents are always on the lookout for danger and the kids are loving.

“With the meerkats always being busuy and running around, you just have to keep on taking pictures to capture the moment!

“I just had to sit on the floor and follow their movements, waiting for a special moment like this.”