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sea creatures

By Jamie Smith

An underwater photographer has captured the bizarre beauty of colourful sea creatures

PIC FROM Adam Hanlon / Caters News –

South African Adam Hanlon, 50, who lives in the UK got up close and personal with nudibranchs which are often referred to as sea slugs.

PIC FROM Adam Hanlon / Caters News 

The bright creatures which would not look out of place in a science fiction blockbuster were taken in four locations across Indonesia and Norway over the last year.

PIC FROM Adam Hanlon / Caters News

Adam said: “These charismatic animals have evolved into an amazing myriad of different body shapes, behaviours and colourations.

“I love the colours of the tropical varieties, but am also taken with the images from Norway. It is amazing to see these creatures in and among the temperate kelp forests.

PIC FROM Adam Hanlon / Caters News

“I tend to watch the animals for a while before trying to capture images of them. This allows them to become accustomed to my presence, and allows me to figure out what they are up to.”

“In the case of the pictures from Norway, I was on assignment covering an amazing annual citizen science event that catalogues and records nudibranch species that occur in the cold clear water of the fjords.

PIC FROM Adam Hanlon / Caters News

“They exist in just about every coastal region on the planet, from the Arctic to the Tropics.

PIC FROM Adam Hanlon / Caters News 

“They were captured using Nikon SLR cameras and lenses housed in special underwater housing and lit with special underwater flashes or strobes.”