Life Video

By Jack Williams

A police officer’s body-cam has captured the heart-warming moment he opted to SING to an elderly woman in order to make her day.

At the woman’s request, Officer Kristian Johnson gave his best rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” while on a call to the woman’s home.

The officer, from Utah’s Logan City Police Department, was called to the elderly lady’s residence after she became concerned that her microwave could cause a fire in her home.

After helping the woman – identified as Shirley Hardman – to fix her microwave, Officer Johnson innocently asked if there is anything else he could help with.

Ms. Hardman asked, “Well, can you sing?” only for the officer to reply that he is not a good singer.

“Well, you can start now,” the blind Utah resident then joked, leaving the officer with no choice but to offer a few bars.

Officer Johnson’s actions received praise online, with Logan City Police tweeting that he had shown how much he cares.

The officer told a local news station: “It was obvious it meant something to her, and for me it made my day – it made my week.”