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Andrex puppy

By Bethany Gleave 

This three-month-old ‘trouble-making’ dog thinks she is the real-life Andrex puppy – repeatedly unrolling and wrapping herself in toilet paper at 4am every night.

Hilarious footage shows Molly’s fun being interrupted by her owner who retraces the dog’s steps by following the trail of toilet roll up the stairs, across the hallway and into the bathroom.


While the Pomeranian puppy attempts to appear innocent of any wrongdoing in the first instance, upon realising she’s been caught Molly proceeds to show off and wrap herself up in the paper.

Owner Rikke Büttcher Westendahl, 38, claims that her late night toilet roll capers are just one in a long list of mischievous antics that Molly gets up to.

Rikke, from Copenhagen, Denmark, said: “Molly is just loving the toilet paper at the minute. The last few nights it has been an on-going event.

“At 4 o’clock in the morning she begins playing with toilet paper and dragging it through the house.

“Molly is very loving but is very high on energy and is always causing trouble wherever she goes.”


The video shows a trail of toilet paper up the stairs with a guilty looking Molly sat at the top, before she dashes into the bathroom to show off the mess she has made.

Molly then wraps herself in toilet roll with one last pull and starts to tear off tiny chunks of the paper with her mouth.

As well as causing problems inside the house, Rikke described everyday as a battle to keep Molly in the garden to stop her from trying to scare next door’s hens.

Rikke said: “Every day is an ongoing struggle keeping her from running away from our garden.

“It is surrounded by a fence but this little pup just crawls through the smallest holes.

“She runs to into our neighbour’s garden, where she sits and stares at their hens.

“Molly just doesn’t care at all. She’s doing whatever she feels like and acting like a big dog.”


Rikke, who is a teacher, began to bring Molly into work with her until she had a little accident.

She said: “I work as a teacher with kids with special needs and they absolutely adored her.

“But one day I was standing in the classroom teaching and she sat down right next to me, looked me straight in the eyes, and just started pooping. It was absolutely disgusting.

“My kids love her and loves all the troubles she’s making.

“My husband hates it and is really tired of her, just this morning (THURSDAY) when I got out of shower she had dug up one of my plants from the garden and was happily lying quite comfortably on top of it.

“Then when I tried to take it she ran with it all through the house whilst I chased after her leaving dirt everywhere.”