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three legs

By Bilal Kuchay

Doctors in Pakistan have given the ‘best’ gift to a baby girl after successfully removing her extra legs weeks before her first birthday.

Babul was born to Rehana, 30, and Muhammad Nawaz, 35, from Jamshoro in Sindh province of Pakistan on July 7 last year.


However, the fourth but the first girl child of the couple was born with an extra leg and myelomeningocele – a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth.

The panicked parents had consulted doctors but were told they will have to wait for a few months before the child could be operated on.

Their patience paid off well when doctors in Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre operated up on Babul earlier this month and removed the extra limb.

“We successfully removed her extra leg in a 3-hour-long surgery. Her wound would take some time to heal and it is important for her parents to keep her safe from infection,” said Dr Junaid Ahmed, the head surgeon.

The parents overwhelmed with the successful surgery called it the best birthday present ever.


“We were very happy when doctors told me that it is a girl.

“But within minutes the whole happiness faded away when doctors told us that the baby had an extra leg. We were terrified to see the condition of our daughter and demanded doctors to surgically remove it.

“But we were told that Babul is too young and weak for the surgery so we have to wait till June 2017.

“It is the perfect birthday gift our daughter can ever get. Last year we were shocked to see the condition of our daughter but on her first birthday, doctors have given us a reason to smile,” Nawaz, who runs a tea stall and earns less than £3 a day, said.

While the parents are busy with the preparations for the birthday celebration, Babul still has a sac sticking out of her back because of myelomeningocele and neurosurgeons would treat her once the wound of the surgery is healed.

Rehana said: “It was difficult raising her up. She was not able to sleep properly. We were concerned about her future whether she will be able to live a normal life or not.

“We were praying for our daughter day in and day out. Finally God has listened to our prayers.

“I am extremely happy that my daughter can live a normal life but I am worried about the sac. I hope she can be treated for that soon,” the emotional mother added.