Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a ‘herbivore’ toddler ignores toys and runs straight to the fruit and veg section to name them.

Mini Mason Reese had no interest in new games when mum Lianne took him shopping at Walmart in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA instead making a beeline for the cabbages, apples and zucchinis.

Eschewing the stereotype that kids hate veggies, the three-year-old excitedly moves along the shelves on December 21 2016, but the video has only just surfaced.

Wide eyed and licking his lips, Mason points out and calls everything correctly from green beans through to carrots and peppers before running off.

Lianne said: “I couldn’t stop laughing when Mason headed straight for the vegetables.


“As it was a few days before Christmas we wanted to get a feel for what kind of gifts he might like.

“When we walked in the front door, instead of heading for the toys, his eyes bugged out and he ran for the carrots and cabbages.

“After that we decided to do a prank present and gave him some for Christmas.

“Unsurprisingly he became so excited and immediately asked if we could chop up the zucchini with his help.”

At five-months-old, Mason was diagnosed with a rare food allergy called Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), meaning many foods left him sick.

Lianne said: “He was always fine with vegetables so he ended up eating a lot of them.

“Thank goodness he loves them so much so he calls himself an herbivore.

“Broccoli is probably his favourite vegetable to eat but he flips out excitedly over Brussels sprouts on the stalk.

“Fortunately, on December 7 last year, he passed a food challenge and was declared FPIES free.”