Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This boisterous bunny has turned the tables by chasing its Dalmatian buddy around a garden endlessly.

Rambunctious rabbit Eddie, one, defies the massive size difference between himself and spotty pooch Romeo, 10, as he follows him at home in Albany, Western Australia.

Despite the obvious mismatch, the cocky cottontail easily keeps up with the dashing dog, even running in between his paws as they race across the grass.

Pocket rocket Eddie – named after the Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder – even leads Romeo into a false sense of security by momentarily stopping before setting off in pursuit again.

Owner Niluka Mckenna said: “I was stunned when I first saw Eddie chasing Romeo as I thought a rabbit would just sit and chew grass.

“Now he does it constantly and me and my husband are baffled.

“We do think it’s funny but sometimes the dogs must get fed up as Eddie doesn’t give them a moments rest.

“Romeo loves acting like a puppy and playing chase but our other dog Mickey just stays away.

“We believe Eddie learned it from watching the two dogs playing chase with each other and he thinks it is just what every animal should do regardless of the size difference.”