Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee

A hippo who is giving birth to her new baby is rudely interrupted by a bird hitching a ride.

Cruise boat captain, Deiric Walsh, from St Lucia, South Africa, was on board the Fannas cruise boat when he noticed the hippo in the water, giving birth.

He then saw the bird, a cattle egret, casually sat on the back of the hippo, who seems totally unfazed by the birds presence.

Deiric took the photo on lake St Lucia, where he has worked for 18 years.

Pic by Deiric Walsh/Caters News 

He said: “I was and board Cruise boat Fannas when I noticed a hippo had just given birth to a brand new baby.

“The mother was unperturbed by the egret.

“The bird was on the hippo’s back for at least 20 minutes and was determined to stay there.

Pic by Deiric Walsh/Caters News

“I found it funny and everyone on the boat laughed as the Egret was determined to keep his mode of transport but fast loosing purchase as the hippo was entering deeper water.

“We were so busy laughing when suddenly we saw the new baby appear behind the mother.

“I thought it funny when someone compared the Egret to a very determined midwife eager to see her work complete.”