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Golden Retrievers

By David Aspinall

These two speed demon Golden Retrievers have found a novel way to get their daily exercise by running after their owner’s car around a park.

Playful pooches Barkley, seven, and Murphy, two, aren’t content with chasing a ball, they’d rather race owner Michael Anderson through Pepperwood Park in Sandy, Utah, USA.

As soon as the dynamic dogs reach the park, they jump out of the Ranger and begin sprinting hard after it.


Incredibly, Barkley and Murphy even manage to overtake the vehicle and run ahead of Michael before bumping into each other.

Michael said: “At first, we thought it was strange but it has turned out to be a very fun way to run the dogs.

“It’s interesting that they love chasing the ranger but don’t seem to chase any other vehicles.

“Once they are done running they hop in the back and we drive home.


“Barkley is getting older and slower but the running has kept him in great shape for his age.”

Michael first discovered the daily exercise routine by accident when Barkley jumped out of the Ranger while on a drive and began chasing it.

Michael said: “We used to take the dogs trail running but they seemed to get bored by our slow pace.

“Once we saw Barkley jumped, we let Murphy out and he began to chase it as well.

“They love it so much we often find them just sitting in the ranger waiting to go for a run.

“They run hard and fast for about 20 minutes and then they are content for the rest of the day.

“Both dogs will bug me until I take them up to the park for their daily run.”