Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the hilarious moment a daredevil raccoon successfully leaped from one bin to another – though it was a less-than-graceful effort.

The flying critter can be seen clambering out of one bin before jumping towards another, clipping the rim of the second bin and twisting in mid-air as it lands.

After frantically thrashing around in the second bin, the startled animal jumped out, darting off into the distant foliage.

The sidesplittingly funny jump was captured by Heather Browning, in Nabb, Indiana, USA.

Heather, 40, said that her daughter, Karen, had discovered the raccoon eating leftover pizza in the outdoor bin.

Having noticed that the animal was dehydrated, Heather’s husband, Josh, 39, decided to give the female raccoon some water while the whole family watched on.

When they tried to encourage the raccoon to leave the bin, however, the Brownings were met with a spot of difficulty – as they tipped the bin, the raccoon only burrowed deeper inside.

Failing in their attempts to remove the animal, the family decided to return the bin to its upright position.

It was then that the raccoon decided to make its own escape.

Heather, 40, said: “Josh tried dumping the can over to get her out of it but she crawled deeper into the trash.

“He lifted the can back up and proceeded to give her more water, and she then decided to climb out on her own.

“She got to the top of the trash can and took a jump, but when she took the jump, she landed into another trash can next to it – it was quite funny!

“We all laughed and walked over to tip that trash can over but she jumped out of it as well and ran off.”