By Laura Dale

A remote countryside cottage covered in grass might be the cutest house in Iceland.

Freelance photographer Luke Gram, 24, from Toronto, Canada could not resist capturing the unique earth house in Iceland.

Pic by Luke Gram / Caters News

A cottage which looks as though it sprouted up one day from the undergrowth in the natural landscape of Borgarfjörður Eystri has been lived in by the same couple since 1979.

“The owner, Elísabet Sveinsdóttir, bought the house with her husband in 1979 and resides there from mid-May until the end of August.

Pic by Luke Gram / Caters News

“Lucky visitors during that time might knock on the door and receive a warm welcome and tour of the home.

“Now in her 80s, Stella, as she’s more commonly known, receives help from locals in maintaining the property.

 Pic by Luke Gram / Caters News 

“We came across the house by complete accident. We had driven late in the night to the town of Borgarfjörður Eystri as we were chasing the Auroras.

“After enjoying the best show of the Northern Lights I’d seen in my entire life, we settled down and camped in the snow just outside the town.

 Pic by Luke Gram / Caters News

“When we woke up in the morning and decided to explore the town before leaving, we stumbled upon the gem amongst the main road.

“I was surprised that this beautiful turf house has been mostly ignored by many of the other photographers who had explored and captured Iceland.”