By Becca Husselbee

A Patisserie chef has become an internet sensation after making these stunning mirror glazed cakes.

Ksenia Penkina, 27, Originally from Russia but now based in Vancouver in Canada, only recently began baking the cakes, which take 3 days to make.

Pic from Caters News

Due to a stabilization process Ksenia first makes the biscuit layer on day one, followed by the mousse layer on day two and finally decorates with the immaculate mirror glaze on day three.

Pic from Caters News

She creates her perfect designs by blow air across the cake with a straw or icing spatula and mixing the glazes together.

Pic from Caters New

Ksenia said: “People tell me they are the best cakes they have ever seen!

“What can I say, I love to impress.

Ksenia now has over 170,000 followers on her Instagram account but says that her patisserie work is a recently thing for her.

Pic from Caters News

She said: “My passion began recently and it developed quickly.

“My sister is a great pastry chief and taught me in the beginning, I then continued my education with various chefs around the world.

Pic from Caters News

“I never stop learning, I teach myself and perfect my knowledge.”

“The people who follow me are amazing and we enjoy the art of cake making together.”

Pic from Caters News

Creating these amazing cakes is now a full time job for Ksenia with around 80% of her work time spent doing online classes.

She said: “They are focused on people who have no experience.

Pic from Caters News

“Anyone can create magic at home with my guidance.

“My students are amazing, the pictures they send to me are great and I’m always excited to spread that magic with the rest of the world.”