Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the bizarre moment a fish is seen fighting off a large snake and trying all its might to stop the reptile from swallowing it.

The video recorded by locals in a northeast Indian village shows the rare sight of the fish clasping the snake’s head in its mouth as the reptile wrestles for its release.

Some locals can be seen trying to keep the fish alive by pouring water on it as the ‘fight for the ultimate survival’ continues for a minute.

After that both fish and the snake die.

The locals said the two creatures had started fighting underwater in a pond but eventually came to land.

To their surprise, the amphibian was not only alive but was also fighting with its predator, stopping it from letting go off its mouth.

“We had never seen such a thing before. At first we were puzzled and could not understand what was happening. We first thought the fish was eating the large snake but then we realised that the snake’s head was stuck inside the fish’s mouth,” said Baratoky, one of the spectators.