Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave 

This is the moment teenage hijinks turned to ‘panic’ when a youth got stuck on a flagpole on a beach – as the tide crept in towards him.

Wayne Smith had been enjoying dinner in a nearby seaside restaurant when he spotted the three teenagers larking about on Brighton beach last week when he realised one was stuck to the post.

Footage shows the teen with his legs entangled around the pole and underneath him, with his own body weight pinning them down and preventing him from standing up.

The dad-of-three suspects that the youth’s pals had talked him into trying the move as a prank, knowing he would become trapped.

However Wayne claims the lad quickly became distressed as he realised he was stuck and in the footage Wayne can be heard saying ‘I think he’s actually in trouble, he thinks he’s going to die’.

Wayne, 35, said: “At first he looked like he was loving life, like he just wanted to stay there.

“But I could see that after a bit he’d started to panic, he had that look of fear on his face and started to go a bit pale actually.

“I did try to offer to lift him or help him out but his mate said no and didn’t seem to want me to help.

“To be honest I think it might have been the language barrier that stopped him accepting help.

“The water doesn’t usually reach that far up the beach so I guess he was lucky with that, but he didn’t necessarily know that.

“It could’ve been a different story if the tide did come that far.”

Wayne had been out for a meal when he noticed the group of boys on the beach from his table.

He said: “I was in a restaurant in Brighton, I was sat facing the beach and I could see them messing about outside.

“When I left the restaurant I walked over to them I realised that he was stuck.

“He or his friends weren’t shouting for help or anything, they looked like they were just having a laugh.”

Wayne believed they were attempting to revive a viral prank from 2015, which saw those who fell for the joke persuaded to wrap their legs a particular way around posts get stuck and require rescuing by fire crews.

Wayne said: “I’ve seen people do it online before and try to get out, it was like he was trying it for that because his mates were filming.

“But they couldn’t get him out of the position. He was stuck there for a good while.

“They did manage to get him out in the end, then they turned round and asked me if I wanted a go.

“I just thought no way, I’d still be there if I had done.”