Animals Video

 By Taniya Dutta

Dramatic visuals emerged from a northeast Indian state shows the moment three wild elephants that had strayed into a popular herbal and food park, vandalising a boundary wall as workers chase them away with stones and batons.

The incident occurred in the morning of June 18th when a herd of tuskers entered Patanjali Herbal and Food Park in Sonitpur in Assam.


The wild mammals first destroyed whatever came into their way and when terrified workers tried to chase them away, they panicked and broke a boundary wall to escape

Before targeting the food park, the herd had wandered from a nearby wildlife sanctuary into a village in search of food. But they destroyed the crops and attacked villagers killing two persons.

After they were chased out of the village, the giant animals had entered the park. 


The assistant conservator of forests (West Sonitpur division), Jasim Ahmed, said that forest department officials visited the affected areas to the north of the Patanjali park. 

“The park is situated at a place frequented by elephants from nearby areas regular for their grazing.

“We had advised the park authorities to put up a solar-powered fence alongside the boundary wall and use iron posts,” he said.

The forest department has been struggling to prevent the straying of elephants from the adjoining Sonai-Rupai sanctuary, a large portion of which has been encroached upon.