Nature Video

By Jack Williams

Through this incredible time-lapse footage, a talented videographer was able to capture a lightning storm frantically dancing beneath the Milky Way.


In Martien Janssen’s aptly-title video, “The Perfect Storm,” millions of stars can be seen moving across the sky while the lightning on the horizon illuminates the lower half of the frame.

The extremely rare footage was shot in Siargo, the Philippines, and in order to capture the phenomenon in such clarity, Martien, from Utrecht, in the Netherlands, had to be present during the perfect conditions.

There are only a few months a year when there is minimal light pollution in the area and the Milky Way can be shot, the videographer said, but with such clear skies, the chances of there being lightning storm at the same time are very unlikely.


When the time was right, however, 38-year-old Martien was prepared: He had set up four cameras at different locations, each capturing a time-lapse of the storm through different settings.

Martien filmed the event in June 2016, and spent the following year painstaking clipping the footage together and rendering flicker-free scenes.

On only two previous occasions, Martien said, has he seen other time-lapse videos that features both the Milky Way and a lightning storm.


Martien said: “I enjoy the whole thing: checking the weather reports, the hunt, the excitement, the unexpected, the strikes and clouds, the uniqueness of every moment and every shot, the sound!

“Capturing a time lapse of a lightning storm is so hard, so much time goes into it.

“More often than not returning home with nothing, so many disappointments to deal with.

“You really need to be dedicated to do this, but once you’ve captured a good one, there’s nothing better.”