Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

A dad has revealed CCTV of the moment a waste disposal truck toppled over and crushed his neighbour’s car.

Trevor Turner heard a loud bang outside his home in Portsmouth, Hampshire, on Monday and looked out of the window to discover a HIPPO truck lay across the bonnet of his neighbour’s Honda Jazz.

Checking his CCTV, he realised he had caught the moment that the truck had overbalanced and come crashing down on the car – while a worker can be seen holding his hands to his head in horror.

Trevor, 42, a full-time carer, said: “My CCTV is on the background of my computer and I just happened to have a look at it when I heard a bang.

“My wife heard a loud bang and we were a bit surprised.

“The truck didn’t have its stabilising arm out from what I could see which caused it to fall over.

“Luckily no-one was injured and the car was crushed. It managed to drive on to the recovery truck so it was still running okay.

“If the HIPPO truck had been parked a bit further forward, it would have hit the windscreen.

“When I saw what happened I called my daughter so she could come in and have a look.

“It was a shocked. We were all shocked. Especially when you can see it outside your own front door.

“I could see that the driver still had a smile on his face though, so he wasn’t too upset. It could have been much worse.

“Nobody expects something like that happen. It was a freak accident really.”

Thankfully no one was in the Honda when the truck fell on it so no one was injured.

However the incident blocked the road for a number of hours while the truck was moved.

Trevor said: “My daughter and I watched it for a few hours. It took about six hours for the recovery truck to come then about three more hours to take it away.

“Unfortunately, my car was in the way and got blocked in so I couldn’t even go out.

“The bosses of HIPPO handled it brilliantly and were there straight away.

“They said they’d pay for the repairs and have promised to fix the fence that the truck took down too.

“My neighbour works from home so hopefully he won’t miss the car too much whilst he’s working.”

HIPPO have been contacted for comment.