By Mikey Jones

Rather than being filled with masterpieces this one-of-a-kind art museum is packed with DISASTER pieces.

The Museum of Bad Art is the only museum in the world that collects, exhibits and celebrates works that were not good enough to make it into traditional museums.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News 

Its walls are covered in “poor traits”, sloppy landscapes and these new additions to the museum are no exception.

Louise Sacco, executive director of MOBA said: “MOBA’s mission is to collect, exhibit and celebrate art in which something has gone wrong.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News

“As our reputation spreads, artists and collectors around the world send us photos of art that they are offering to donate.

“Our curator-in-chief, Michael Frank, makes the difficult decisions about which pieces are worthy of inclusion in our Permanent Collection.

“Of these pieces, my favorite is Baby Dolls. It is an arresting image with an intensity that demands attention.  The back story only adds more questions.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News

“Also, I am intrigued by Madonna and Baby. What thought process leads to a blond Madonna with plumped up lips and plucked eyebrows?  And why does the infant have the face and hand gesture of an adult?”

The subject of countless paintings over the centuries, The Holy Mother is particularly beautiful in this rendition. Her baby, not so much.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News

“In the painting titled George and Jackie the former First Lady gazes flirtatiously at the Father of our Country in this imaginary double portrait.

“The portrait of Baby Dolls was donated to the MOBA Collection by the subject, who was inexplicably relegated to the background like a watermark.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News 

“The yellowing varnish on the paint surface enhances the eldritch nature of the image.

“The artist behind the Clamp Lamp presents a colorful Escheresque array featuring furniture, cloth, and a variety of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing fixtures.

“In The Sunburn a young woman realises she has made a terrible mistake as she wakes from an ill-advised nap on her first day in the tropics.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News

“Blue God piece shows a great blue spirit which watches over a tropical paradise featuring magnificent frigatebirds, scarlet ibises, a red octopus, a precooked lobster, tropical fish, and sunken treasure.

“Liberty and Justice is reminiscent of Judith clutching the head of Holofernes, teary-eyed Lady Liberty celebrates her victory over the enemy and hopes peace can return to the city.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News

“In other news, her jaundiced bald eagle has caught a large fish.

“A polydactyl lion relaxes, fresh from his coloring and blowout appointment at the salon.

Pic From MOBA/Caters News

“With Shamu Celebrates With Sushi the artist has portrayed the late Shamu the Killer Whale in mid-breech after enjoying a sushi dinner.

“MOBA curators believe she is celebrating the news that SeaWorld will no longer present demeaning ‘orca theatrical shows’.”