Animals Video

By Jos Weale

This is the adorable moment a Bichon Frise mum gives her pup a helping ‘paw’ by pressing on her bum when her owner holds a treat in front of her and commands her to sit.

Millie is seen placing a loving paw on nine-week-old daughter Daisy to tell her she needs to plonk her bottom on the floor to get a biscuit.


Quick-learner Daisy, who was apparently returned to breeders Ian Lee and Mark Callaghan after a week by her new owner because she was ‘too thick to train’, can be seen swiftly taking mum’s advice, and mastering the trick.

Owner Ian from Liverpool, Merseyside, said Millie, two, is a ‘fantastic’ mum who looked very proud of her young pup’s achievement last week (June 13).

Restaurant manager Ian, 32, said: “Millie has a very clever and maternal way so I asked Mark to film it while we tried the trick.


“I wasn’t expecting Millie to help Daisy like that.

“I imagine if she could speak she’d be saying ‘come on, just sit down.’

“You can see her look around looking really proud, and then face us again.

“After Millie’s help it only took Daisy a few minutes to master the trick. She can do it all on her own now.

“Millie was great as a puppy too – she did all her tricks straight away.”

Bichon Frise Millie has been with Ian and Mark since she was seven weeks old and gave birth to a litter of five in April.


And, along with Ian and Mark’s other Bichon Frise, Bleu, Ian said Millie was apparently besotted with her pups.

When Daisy was returned to them just a week after she went to a new home because her new owner claimed to have little success training her, Ian was pleased as punch to prove Millie’s motherly touch worked a treat.

Ian said: “Millie’s a great mum. She was absolutely fantastic when she was giving birth to her puppies, she’s very maternal.

“Daisy went to a new home but after a week the new owner returned her saying she was thick and she couldn’t train her.


“Millie’s absolutely fine with the puppies gone, we didn’t let them all go on the same day, but she was really excited to see Daisy again.

“When we walked in with Daisy all three dogs were running around with each other.”

Ian said little Daisy has shown no sign of being slow to master tricks and under Millie’s watchful eye has flourished.

Ian said: “When we heard that Daisy was impossible to train we found it hard to believe – she’s so clever.


“She was totally fine. When she was home with us I spent 20 minutes on the stairs with her to see how she managed those and she was fine with those too.”

Now that Daisy has settled again,  Ian said she will be ready to move onto a new home in a few days’ time.

But despite Millie’s pups moving on to new homes, the proud mum will still get to regularly meet up with many of them at a special monthly Bichon Frise walk at Crosby Beach.

Ian said: “Once a month we go on a Bichon walk with about 70 other dogs at the beach, and a few of the new owners have said they’d like to come along too.

“So Millie will still get to see her puppies as they grow up which is really nice.”