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birthday surprise

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a son flies more than 10,000 miles from Australia to England, to surprise his mum on her 60th birthday.

After spending more than two years apart from her eldest son, Tina Robson is about to receive a birthday surprise she’ll never forget in Poole, Dorset on June 3.

Unbeknownst to the birthday girl as her family distract her, creeping up behind after making a secret trip from Brisbane, Australia, where he moved 12 years ago, stands her estranged son, Martin.

After a tap on the shoulder, the mother-of-four is stunned into a momentary silence, before crying out ‘oh my god’ and wrapping her arms around her son, in a long-overdue embrace.

Watching on through tear filled eyes, other son, David, who helped orchestrate the surprise, said: “He rang me six months ago with his idea to surprise her, it was so difficult to keep quiet, I just wanted to blurt it out.

“We were all so emotional watching on as it happened, we knew how much this would mean to her.

“I keep watching the moment over and over again, even now and still start to well up.

“Martin was able to stay with us for two weeks and even managed to attend our brother’s wedding the following weekend.

“It was so lovely to be all back together as a family again.”