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Hilarious footage from British Columbia, Canada, has captured the moment a bear breaks into a van by simply standing up and opening the driver’s side door.

The footage was captured in the Whistler area by Matt Patterson, who runs a car service company in the area.


“We actually had three of those Mercedes vans up there with us but we were all hanging out in mine,” says Matt.

In the midst of a conversation with his colleagues Matt noticed a man across the street enthusiastically pointing at something from atop his deck.

“Across the street someone was pointing at something, so I looked to the left and the bear was just sitting there.”

Matt, who has experienced wildlife in the area before, decided it was a great opportunity to capture an up close and personal video of the bear.


“Three seconds into the video he walked straight up to the door and opened it like he’s done it a million times.

He made it look so easy- I was in shock.”

While watching on in utter disbelief Matt can be heard trying to convince his colleague that the bear has broken into one of the vans.

“He was in there for 12 minutes- just sitting there in the drivers seat.

At one point he went in the back looking for food.”

After getting a good laugh out of the situation Matt decided it was time to scare the bear away by banging on the side of his van.

“Banged on the side of my van to get him out and it worked.”


Matt’s attempts to scare the bear away appear successful as the bear can be seen hopping out of the van .

Moments later however the stubborn bear decides to climb back into the van for a second look.

Eventually the bear gave up his search for food and ran off into the street.

“At that point a taxi driver pulled up and chased him up the hill.

He left no scratches or any traces of dirt in the van-  as if he’s done it a couple of times before.”

Matt claims the bear did not leave empty handed though.

“He to took a bottle of Fiji water with him!”