Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey

A dad claims people could have died when a ‘lost’ swarm of thousands of bees set up a four-foot camouflaged death-trap hanging from tree branches dangling across a busy pavement.

Kurtis Mulvaney was driving to the shops through Manchester’s Green Quarter when he spotted the swarm creating a ‘stinging storm’ at 6pm on Thursday evening.

Footage shows thousands of bees creating a giant buzzing pendulum around a foot wide dangling from the tree in the commuters’ path, with the insects blending into the tree’s foliage.

Meanwhile unsuspecting members of the public can be seen encountering the swarm, with some walking past within inches of it without realising while others stop in shock.

The 30-year-old events organiser claims that the bees hung from the tree for a number of hours and the only warning given to commuters and residents was two flimsy orange barriers that failed to completely close off the swarm from the public.

Kurtis can be heard admitting he is ‘pretty scared’ and describe how someone could end up ‘smothered in bees’ and compares it to the film My Girl, in which a young boy dies from bee stings.

Kurtis said: “Someone could just going to bump into that at night time and they’ll be smothered in bees. That swarm extends from my belly button to the top of my head.

“People didn’t know it was there in the centre of the pavement – I did spot one woman walk past with her baby but cross the road at the last minute.

“It’s a funny video to watch but I admit I was a bit scared because the swarm was really huge and I thought it was really dangerous.

“I was just going to the shops, and I saw this huge thing hanging there that looked like a huge swarm of bees and I noticed it was causing a bit of a stir, though the bees themselves were very calm.

“Someone told me they were protecting the queen bee. I was just intrigued really because it’s a bit of nature that you don’t see every day.

“It was so calm I could have stood there and got a picture. The thing wasn’t buzzing it was still and calm – it looked like it had been there all day.

“People started taking pictures and I just thought ‘what are those people doing there?’

“I was parked there in my car as I realised it wasn’t a hive, it was a swarm of bees and it just caught everyone’s attention. When I drove back at 10pm the bees were gone.”

Kurtis admitted the bees could be seen as symbolic because they swarmed together not far from the Manchester Arena.

Kurtis said: “The swarm gathered just a stone’s throw away from the arena and I know after the Ariana Grande bombings everybody has had the bee symbol tattooed on them.

“There was a woman there in her 40s who said it was ‘so spiritual’ in the way that they are so close to the arena.

“At first it seemed a bit far-fetched but then I understood why she believed that.

“It’s actually quite a nice way to think about it – it’s quite a nice touch.”

Living City, who a property management company responsible for nearby apartments, declined to comment but stated one of their employees alerted the Environment Agency and told them about the swarm.

An Environment Agency spokesman said they had no record of the swarm.