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By Josh Saunders

Meet the real-life Hitch who earns $4,000 (£3100) a month working as a ‘professional wing woman’ helping lonely singletons find love and pay for her masters degree.

Erin Davis, 32, from Manhattan in New York, USA, helps hundreds of people a month through her matchmaking events, dinners meet-ups and other dating services.


She was eight-years-old when she started pairing-off kids in her classes with seating plans, which decades on she has turned into a business.

She became the ‘real life Hitch’ five-years-ago, after recognising busy New Yorkers struggled to find love among long working hours and set-up dinners for dating.

In 2014, she started her business ‘Erin Davis Wingwoman’ that now has a 1,200-person database, where she pairs people off – with her most successful months securing up to 50 dates.

She spends 40 hours a week interviewing singletons to find their compatibility, hooking them up on night events, throwing her own matchmaking meals and more.

The savvy student brings in $4,000 (£3100) -a-month for her services, which has even led to two marriages last year.


Erin, an international affairs student, said: “Love is subjective there are no guarantees in this business, but I can help people who are seriously looking for love.

“It’s very effective, I find that I don’t have to work with clients for long, it’s usually only a few weeks before they meet someone.

“With my help, you can meet a person that it would have taken months of searching for to find, you are in a room of compatible people.

“I take people to curated events and introduce them to others, I know who is attending and match them on their religious or political beliefs, age range and more.

“I’ve done a variety of things from being hired as a wedding date to get a client out on the dancefloor and introduced to new people, to being a wing woman at events and dinner parties.


“At my events, I never tell anyone the names of other people attending as I don’t want them to start searching for information online about them, I want the magic and mystery to remain.

“I find that’s the magical formula, people being able to bond over a shared experience is key, it can be from e-panels to briefings, birthday parties to exclusive events.

“I became addicted to this but definitely do it for the love of matchmaking, that said it’s hard regularly balancing full time studying and this 40-hour-plus hobby each week.”

Erin believes her passion for helping others fall in love stemmed from her childhood.

She documented her early matchmaking efforts in a journal that she now uses in blog-posts and her stand-up comedy routine.

Erin said: “When I was in school I used to arrange seating plans in my journals so I could match people up by seating them boy-girl, boy-girl in the cafeteria.


“It must have been something in my blood, I really wanted to put people together even from eight-years-old.”

After moving to New York, she recognised that busy people struggled to find time to look for love and started her own dinners to hook people up.

She started her business as a hobby for two years where she would match Jewish people over themed dinner parties before widening her net.

Erin said: “It was the same interest I had when I was a little kid, I wanted to plan dinner parties to connect people.

“That’s when I started organising small dinners of six guys and six girls all Jewish for free, I realised a dinner party would be a more neutral environment than a synagogue.

“From there I spent nearly two years trying it out, not making any money, but I believed it was a great venture, then eventually I began charging for dinners.”


Since then Erin has attracted around 1200 people to her online database and has over 100 new applications to join each month.

She vets individuals before agreeing to work with them in a face-to-face meeting where she can learn the traits to help them find love.

Erin said: “It’s a deep assessment, I get to know them, as well as what qualities compliment and bring out the best in that person.

“I work up to 40 hours a week, sorting the pre-service and with the wing woman work on top it’s probably more than that.

“Interestingly my busiest time was the first week after New Year’s Eve, when I had around 100 people applying to join in one week, which was pretty insane.”

Erin believes she has orchestrated hundreds of dates since starting three-years-ago and even had two weddings last year.

She believes the secret to the success is matching people on personality compatibility and not only meeting people online.

Erin said: “Every event I’ve held I know for a fact that dates have definitely come out of it.


“In today’s society, it’s hard to meet people organically and not over an app or online, in my opinion face to face gives the biggest reward.

“It’s exciting to date someone you haven’t already met and get excited to see them again, to you they are complete strangers.”

Erin formed her concept around her own love life, she considers herself a ‘professional dater’ and uses the techniques she’s learned to help others.

She added: “I consider myself a ‘professional dater’ – I love dating and believe in the process. I don’t use apps and believe they are over-used and abused in today’s high-tech society.

“I use my model for how I met some of the best people I have ever dated. I’m filtering my own experiences for others.

“I believe in being assertive — both men and women — don’t waste time. If there is someone you’re interested in, you have to go after him or her, because life is too short.”

“I hope to teach people how the dating process can be a fun adventure and not a chore.”

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