By Laura Dale

Police who were called out to a feisty swan which found its way into a city centre realised they had become the real life Hot Fuzz.

A flapping great big swan was loaded into the back of a police car and even posed for a selfie following reports from concerned public.

PIC FROM Caters News

Officers PC James Barratt and PCSO Matt Smith could not resist tweeting about the real life re-enactment of the hilarious scene from hit movie Hot Fuzz.

Salisbury Police flocked to the lost swan in the middle of the city centre in Wiltshire and escorted it unharmed to a nearby river.

Pic by Salisbury Police / Caters News

Not every one who ends up on the backseat of a police car gets let off as easily as the adventurous feathered fiend who was released into its natural habitat.

The officers posted the two photos to Facebook referencing a joke from the 2007 British film Hot Fuzz in which comedy favourites Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, play rural based policemen

Pic by Salisbury Police / Caters News

The scene PC Barratt and PCSO Smith were referring to could not have been anymore similar to the situation they found themselves in with an escaped swan perched in the back of a police car.

When Frost’s character PC Danny Butterman is asked by a shop assistant: “No luck finding them swans, then?”

He sharply replies: “It’s just the one swan actually”.