By Becca Husselbee 

A photographer captures an idyllic picture of ducks whilst clouds in the background look like – a duck!

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

Margaret McEwan, a keen photographer from Berkshire, was snapping pictures of ducks and geese at a local lake when she noticed the bird shaped cloud in the sunset.

Margaret said: “I live close to the lake and was over there taking photos when the local ducks came over to get fed.

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

“As I was taking the photo I looked up and noticed that the clouds had formed the same shape as the birds and that the cloud was even looking looking in the same direction.

“I love looking objects in the clouds.”

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

Margaret, who works for an adventure tour operator, and also as a magistrate, was taking pictures as part of the 365 challenge which inspires photographers to take a picture every day for one whole year.

She said: “The photo has to be posted on your Facebook page the same day.

“It’s a really difficult challenge as I’m very busy all the time but I have kept on track with 160 photos taken so far.”