Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

A ‘magician’ pulled of an extremely piece of online theft – by stealing a camera through a computer screen!

Abishek Das, 24, begins a Skype conversation with an assistant when a doorbell rings.

PIC FROM Abishek Das / Caters News 

As the assistant gets up to answer it, he puts down the camera he has been showing off.

Checking he is gone, Abishek then appears to reach through the screen to steal the camera and check it out for himself.

PIC FROM Abishek Das / Caters News

Abishek, a medical clinic IT assistant from Sharjah, UAE, said: “The idea came to me while I was actually on a Skype call.

“I always like to do something a bit different, and I thought about how weird it would be if the person on the screen came through it and stole something.

PIC FROM Abishek Das / Caters News 

“I was inspired by Zach King on Vine, but decided to try and be a little different and as part of that started making small videos on Instagram.

“Once I had built my confidence, I tried to test myself more and more.

“I do not class myself as a magician, as I perform the tricks with a little help from some computer software.

“I guess you could call it digital magic.”

Abishek can be found here.