By Ellie Duncombe 

Perched on slackline 230 foot in the air, this sportswoman is almost impossible to spot.

And the daring slackliner completed the walk after being forced to glue to anchor the line to the rock!

Pic by Laetitia Gonnon/Caters News

Laetitia Gonnon, from France, and her friends could not properly secure the 430 ft line into the crumbling rock in Meteora, Greece.

But instead of giving up, the group decided to glue the rock together to try and make it stable before balancing precariously on the line over the valley.

They then spent one-and-a-half days challenging themselves to cross one of the world’s longest lines at the famous Greek tourist spot.

Pic by Laetitia Gonnon/Caters News

Laetitia said: “Meteora is an extremely famous place for tourists from all around the world. They come to visit the famous monasteries, built at the top of the huge rock towers.

“We opened the longest highline so far there, it was 130m long, 70m high and one of the most beautiful, complicated lines I’ve set up in my life.

“Putting it up took five days and a lot of courage.

Pic by Laetitia Gonnon/Caters News

“We had to climb both towers to check if it was truly possible.”

Despite some difficulty in drilling the anchors into the rock, which they tried on three separate occasions, the group eventually managed to get the line set up.

They had to use a special glue to make sure the rock supporting the anchor held, and heavy ropes to pull the line into place above the valley.

Pic by Laetitia Gonnon/Caters News

Laetitia said: “It was so satisfying the first time I stepped on the line.

“It had never been put up before, and it might not be set up ever again. It was short lived, and born of a lot of effort, which made it extra enjoyable.

“We only had one-and-a-half days on the line before we had take it down again, and despite the fear of balancing so high up, it was so much fun.

“It was also a thrill to be there as many of the monks who live in the monasteries are trying to ban sports such as climbing and slacklining in the area.”